About DeLara Estates

DeLara Estates was established in 1971 as a small pecan farm and residential community. As the years have passed, the trees have matured as well as the community.

We have grown into a neighborhood of 400 families, with reasonable restrictive covenants. Chaparral is a proud community with several businesses, schools, and a community college, 

At DeLara Estates, our goal is to provide our neighbors with a place to call home in a relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by ample opportunities for recreation, and a hassle free lifestyle.
Sister Companies

CBG Water Company
Established in 1971, CBG water provides water services to the DeLara Estates community.* refer to the consumer confidence report for further information

Mountain Range Corporation

Established in 1962, Mountain Range Corporation has deeps roots in southern New Mexico and West Texas. *refer to their website at 
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